The Pros And Cons OF Owning Teacup Pigs

A teacup pig is simply a tiny pig that has the capability to grow up to 12-16 inches high as well as could consider approximately 30 to 65 extra pounds. At birth, it could only weigh 9 ounces which is truly little when as compared to the typical pot bellied pigs. Because it is tiny, lots of people discover them extremely attractive. Nevertheless, there are both pros and cons of having these adorable animals in your house. Gone over below are the various elements you should think about.

The Advantages

It has a long life-span.

If you are really searching for a consistent companion, a teacup pig is excellent for you. Its life expectancy ranges from 15 to 20 years. Nevertheless you need to take good care of it to make sure that it will certainly live longer.

It is intelligent.

Despite the general comments that pigs are stupid, a teacup pig is extremely clever. Just like various other pets such as pet dogs as well as felines, it can also be trained to use its litter box and to carry out different methods which could offer home entertainment.

It is affectionate naturally.

It is actually pleasant as well as caring which makes it much more appealing to have. It requires your love and also treatment. If you do not have enough time for him then you could too pick another type of pet dog.

It is best for those who have respiratory troubles or allergic reaction.

Unlike dogs as well as felines, a Cute piglet doesn’t have hair which could trigger allergy as well as various other breathing problems. It just has great hair that does not drop.

It does not bark or make loud sound.

Given that it does not bark, you will not have problems of causing disturbances to your next-door neighbors.

The Disadvantages

It could be hostile.

It needs to be trained since it can end up being hostile if it is not well disciplined. These pets also have the tendency to open up the lower part of your refrigerator and kitchen just to try to find food.

It requires lots of time, love, as well as treatment.

If you are a really active individual, a teacup pig might not be the right one for you. You have to regularly play with him, to feed him as well as to educate him. You likewise have to purchase him toys so that he will certainly be amused.

A teacup pig is a very charming pet to have as a family pet and if you have sufficient time to play and also cuddle with this cute family pet, then this is the ideal pet dog for you.

Author: Connie Misiolek