The Importance of a Neck Support Pillow

What do you need a neck support pillow for?
A neck pillow, or also neck support pillow, is particularly suitable for back and side sleepers. The pillow is designed to fill the gap between the head and shoulder to prevent overstretching of the muscles and to ensure a straight posture of the spine. A wrong sleeping posture quickly leads to a tense neck up to severe headaches. Tingling arms are also a sign of poor sleeping posture and poor blood supply to the arms. The reason for this can be tense neck muscles. The prices of neck support cushions range from 30€ to 139€.

The neck pillow must also be perfectly matched to the mattress. If the mattress is very soft, a flat neck support pillow is recommended because the shoulder sinks into the mattress. If the mattress is very hard, then one should choose a high neck pillow, because here the shoulder has hardly the possibility to sink in and the distance to be bridged is larger. Since each person is built differently, there are, for example, neck support cushions with several layers and the height can be individually adjusted by removing individual layers.

Choosing the right neck support pillow
In the past, there were simply three types of pillows. Soft, medium and hard. Fortunately, the cushion market has continued to develop. The range now extends from fabric to water cushions. This makes the choice of cushion all the more difficult. It is best to test the pillow. This can be done directly on site in the bedding shop or, if the manufacturer offers it, at home with the possibility to test the pillow for a certain period of time (100 days trial sleep). The personal impression is most important. Because only the person asleep can say whether the new pillow will improve or worsen. If neck pain or tension disappears, you have definitely made the right choice.

What is the difference to conventional pillows?
Besides the shape, a decisive difference between a normal pillow and a neck support pillow is the size. While normal pillows measure 80×40 cm or 80×80 cm, neck support pillows are much shorter. It is sufficient for the neck to be ideally supported if only the head and neck lie on the pillow. The shoulders are logically supported by the mattress and can be supported by the mattress depending on the sleeping position, read the full review here.

Advantages of a good neck support pillow:

allergy friendly
mostly height adjustable
long-lasting materials
dimensionally stable
Disadvantages of neck support pillows:

no standardized dimensions, therefore very different pillow shapes (individual taste of the sleeper is decisive)
the neck support cushions are too high for some users
strong inherent odour of the foams used possible

The Emma cushion is also designed in such a way that it opitmally supports the neck and simultaneously builds up the necessary counterpressure. It doesn’t matter whether you are a side, back or abdominal sleeper, because you can choose between a soft side and an extra neck pillow side.

Author: Connie Misiolek