DIY Refinishing – Kitchen Cabinets

If you have well used kitchen cabinets and they have actually offered their time but still in good shape possibly it’s time to do some Do It Yourself refinishing on them. Stand back and aim to visualize just what color would look good and also collaborates with the rest of the kitchen area. One quick note though: dark colors will close the area a little making it look a little constricted and also smaller sized, so think about lighter colors and brighter shades to repainting the doors.This will vastly alter the looks of your kitchen.
Myself personally I want to repaint with oil-based paint, I have actually discovered it dries out more difficult as well as last much longer, job much longer without its beginning to establish. I strongly advise that you use a high-grade leading line paint for this application.

Remove your cupboard doors as well as equipment, and also lay them down horizontally into a soft job bench. As well as take some fluid De-glosser and a dust cost-free cloth or fabric as well as begin rubbing down the door to remove all the greasy build-up and also dust. If your wood grain comes to be elevated as well as bumpy from placing on the De-glosser take some 220 grit fining sand paper and sand it pull back smooth.

Typically what I do if your door has an expose or some kind of pattern indent usage a soft brush first to painting this indent utilizing lengthy moving smooth brushstrokes. Instantly afterwards, use a mini roller to roll the level of the door. By making use of the small roller you’ll discover that it will certainly eliminate the brush notes off the level part of the door.

When the guide dries out well sufficient for fining sand which will possibly be about at the very least four hours later on to 24-HOUR later. Proceed and also sand the door with some great grit sandpaper once more regarding 220 grit.

Now you can place the finish layer on precisely similarly. Once this finish coat has dried you can once again duplicate the process by sanding it lightly. As well as place one more layer of paint on.

Ultimately now your all set to return your hardware as well as the doors back up.

Stand back as well as try to visualize what color would look great and coordinates with the remainder of the kitchen area. One fast note though: dark shades will close up the room a little making it look a little constricted and smaller sized, so consider lighter shades as well as brighter shades to painting the doors.This will significantly alter the looks of your kitchen.
Generally just what I do if your door has a reveal or some kind of pattern indent use a soft brush first to painting this indent utilizing long moving smooth brushstrokes.

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Author: Connie Misiolek